E-Commerce Site Update 09 JUN 1000 2015


Thank you to all loyal customers for you continued business and support.  We are truly humbled by the success of the Kydex Holster Industry, and feel truly blessed to be a part of it.

We make holsters because it is therapeutic for us, it is one of the best parts of our day.  However, I have made the conscious decision to keep my holster company small and "bad" stress free.  We simply cannot keep up with the demand for our holsters, without making people wait weeks and weeks and weeks. 

Until further notice (probably until September 2015) we cannot handle any more orders.  I anticipate being caught up by then.

The good news is, if you have a problem with a holster it is still covered.  The benefit of supporting small business is we are always here.  I am 101 Holsters.

For attachment support visit www.holsterloops.com use coupon code KydexWars and save 10%.

If you need a holster, the good news is NOW there are plenty of awesome people making holsters.  Thanks to Kydexpro.com there is a place where the best practices are presented and tested to get the best results for everyone…

When everyone gets better, everyone gets better. 

If you need a holster visit KydexPro.com there are plenty of qualified people who will bend over backwards for your business.  Why?  Because they are just like us. 

See you in September!

"Break Your Plateau"  JT






Quick Ship products: suspended until Sep15

Current wait time for non Quick Ship Items: suspended until Sep 15